Improving Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge

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Improving Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge PhotoImproving attitudes, skills, and knowledge in the workplace has become an important task in the daily lives of HR professionals.  The are now the calming force that aims to inspire innovation and increase productivity.  Most HR managers start with human resource classes either in a school or through a trusted program.  By sharpening their leadership skills they impact every function of the company on the way to success.

Learning something here is, I mean, to gain knowledge, skill improvement, or attitude development in a certain area. Sometimes these three points of learning target are abbreviated to “KSA.” Since Attitudes are obviously more important than Skills or Knowledge — after all, what is the barber going to do with that razor? — it might be better to turn it around to ASK! And it happens that asking, rather than telling, is perhaps the main difference between a teacher and a manager of learning. We ask, because maybe the learner already knows.

Maybe they know but haven’t realized that it applies in this situation. Or maybe they don’t know they don’t know. So we ask him, first. This asking comprises the first of the four steps of manager of learning, the Guided Discovery. A combination of attitudes, skills, and knowledge are usually needed to operate successfully in any specific area. Attitudes are the most important and are the most difficult to acquire.

Often a new attitude must replace an old attitude before skills or knowledge can be used. The manager of learning must be able to detect this situation and know how to effect the change. Counseling techniques are often used to enable a learner to see a need for change— a change in his attitude— and accept the help you or members of his patrol or others can give him.

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  1. John says:

    It is important for a worker to be able to see the future for her company, and what things should be changed. If she and others in her business don't like change they will miss out. A good attitude and vision is very important – she needs to not just 'do her job' but also look for things to improve, and ways to increase her skills and knowledge in the areas that are important for her.

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